Vivid Church Vancouver



92 day journey through psalms



I love the Book of Psalms!  It has so much dynamic range - it’s awe-inspiring and authentic; raw and relatable; poignant and praise-filled; eloquent and emotional. Martin Luther said that the Psalms are “a ‘Little Bible wherein everything contained in the entire Bible is beautifully and briefly comprehended.”  I see my own struggles and frustrations in the Psalms and I also see my own breakthroughs and victories...sometimes when I read a psalm I feel as though it is reading me.

Over the coming months Vivid Church is embarking on a daily journey through the Psalms that will leave us more grateful For God’s accessibility in sharing His heart with us and more confident in communicating our hearts to Him.

As the Lead Pastors of Vivid Church, Jennifer and I want to challenge each one of us to read this way:

Read regularly.  You will find this presentation of the Psalms split into 3 sections and a total of 92 readings.  Let’s make it a goal over the 92 days that make up the next 3 months to develop consistency.

Read it reflectively.  Have a notebook or notes app available to write down things that stand out to you so that you can meditate on them throughout the day.  Let’s make it a goal to not just reflect upon the content of these poems but actually reflect it in our attitudes and actions.

Read it relationally.  Never forget that when you read the Bible, the Author (the Holy Spirit) is in the room to illuminate truth, so before you read each day, ask God to speak to you through the words that we are about to read. Additionally, let’s remember that we aren’t reading alone!  All across our church and wherever summer plans might take us, hundreds of people are on this same journey.  Let’s make it our goal to have conversations with each other about what we are reading, so that while our relationship with God is strengthening, our relationships with one another will be too.

Read it repeatedly.  For many of us, this won’t be our first time reading through the Book of Psalms, but we are going to find so much new insight, and the next time we read it we will again, and again, and again.  Let’s make it our goal to not just read through these portions of Scripture for the next 92 days, but continue afterwards in a life-long love for the Bible.

Let’s go!