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Day 8


Day 7



You save the humble
    but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.

Psalm 18:27



It is God’s plan to bring blessing to the humble and humility to the proud. The amazing thing to realize is that our humility isn’t the “end game” for God, it’s actually the doorway into all that He has in store. This principle is reiterated throughout the Bible, like 1 Peter 5:6 which says “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” The words “lift you up” are a translation of the Greek word hypsoo which means to to be lifted to the very summit of prosperity, dignity, honour and happiness. THAT is God’s plan…and the part that we play is simply humbing ourselves before God instead of thinking too highly of ourselves.

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” – Saint Augustine



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