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Day 36


Day 36



Come and See what God has done, His awesome deeds for mankind.

Psalm 66:5



We can often tend to think that if we just had more information then we would feel more peace, or joy, or purpose. But more information generally just leads to more questions. In Ephesians 3:19 Paul says that we can “know a love that surpasses knowledge.” In the original Greek it could be accurately stated as we can “experience a love that is beyond comprehension” because Jesus has made His presence and power accessible for all to see. Jesus invites some of His first disciples to “come and see” and then they spread the word of Jesus with the message “come and see.” This “come and see” theme echoes throughout the Bible and is also seen in Psalm 66.

God has made Himself accessible and His presence experiential - Come and See!



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